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Watch this space . . . . a new series of walking and running tours. Any public tour dates will be announced here. Private tours should be arranged by contacting us directly.
Edinburgh tours, led by local people with knowledge and enthusiasm.

No public dates presently planned.


Towards the summer, if we have no dates available, we can thoroughly recommend visitors to Edinburgh that they should use the Edinburgh Festival Voluntary Guides Association.  They run genuine free tours during the Festival, their guides are well-trained and interested people - and they do not hassle people for tips !  They can also run tours at other times, but this has to be arranged in advance (follow the information on their website).

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Walking; Our guide-led walks, roughly three-and-a-half hours long, cover a lot of ground and will introduce the visitor to the overall picture of the history of Edinburgh, pulling together history, geology, politics, architecture, and of course Edinburgh's people. Suitable places for you to visit later will be pointed out.  There will be numerous stops along the way, but participants should have a decent level of fitness. Edinburgh is a hilly city, so please don't book this tour if this might stop you enjoying it. Children welcome if accompanied by an adult. Minimum (adults) four people; maximum twenty.
The philosophy of these guided walks is something like this; Edinburgh is a fascinating, vibrant, and beautiful city. Nobody knows everything about it. There is so much to "show and tell" that even a full week can only poke at the surface. We see no reason to fill the available time with largely fictitious tales, and suggestions of ghosts that have only recently been invented to entertain the tourists. We really do try to give people a complete overview. And there's no reason why that can't still be interesting and entertaining.
"Bespoke" tours can be arranged, to start at participants' accommodation, or with a varied route, or with specialist interests.
Tours go ahead whatever the weather, and will only be cancelled if conditions are dangerous. [TOUR DESCRIPTION]

Running; We've put together a couple of good city centre running routes which combine decent running with sightseeing. These guided runs are just under 10km, avoid main roads where possible, and have short stops for interesting stuff on the way. Suitable for people who can run a normal flat 10k in anything within about 60 or 70 minutes. By the time we have a few minutes of introduction, two or three stops, and some road crossings, the whole thing will take about two hours. Some hills ! Minimum four people; maximum twelve. Minimum age 18, unless accompanied by an adult taking responsibility. Tour 1 is fine for general runners, tour 2 is more hilly and a little more challenging. [TOUR 1 description] [TOUR 2 description]

Cycling; We can also offer tailor-made guided cycling tours if required, but see little need to do so as the city is already so well provided for, with established groups offering free rides. See www.cycling-edinburgh.org.uk

Prices; Provisionally 7.50 per person (including v.a.t.) per tour. [Children up to and including 15 years are free to a maximum of one child per adult. Therefore two adults with three children would get the first two children free, and pay half price for the third.]
Tips (Gratuities); We don't look for tips. We take a professional approach, and we want people to feel at ease with their guide. So we don't give you a sales pitch for other stuff either !  If anybody feels that they want to tip the guide/helpers then that's lovely, and appreciated on more than one level.

Dates; Any tour dates will be announced here at least four weeks in advance.
Contact; email mail@edinburgh-tours.com