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Running Tour 2. The good but hilly one. This run is not too long at about 9.5km, but takes in quite a bit of climbing. Mostly on decent paths, roads, and pavements, some is on grass and rough paths, as well as some steps and cobbles (and even a bit of tunnel !), so suitable footwear is advised.
If you don't do any hill running, do not book this run. Although we'll walk some of the steepest climbs, unless your legs are used to some hills, you will tire quickly, and we'll not stop for anyone who drops off a reasonable pace.
Remember also that some of the more treacherous surfaces - grass, stony paths, and steps - which can be slippy when wet can also be slippy when dry.
This is about 60 minutes as a non-stop run, so will probably take about 90 minutes, plus a few minutes introduction before we start. The biggest climb is about 100m within 1km distance.
The route might be changed on the day depending on local conditions, but the run will go ahead unless conditions are dangerous.
Remember, this is a run rather than a guided tour. There will be some short stops, and some explanations, but the main purpose is to have a decent run.

So, checklist for this ?  Can you answer "yes" to all of these ? 
Can you run a straightforward flat 10km inside 50 or 60 minutes ? 
Do you regularly run some hills ? 
Do you have suitable footwear for rough and possibly slippy terrain ? 
Are you aged 18 or over ? 
Do you want to go for an interesting, slightly challenging, and varied run which takes in some of the best views in the city ?
Watch this space . . . . a new series of walking and running tours will be announced in due course (in the first half of 2012), led by local people with knowledge and enthusiasm.   [GO TO HOME PAGE]

"Bespoke" tours can be arranged, to start at participants' accomodation, or with a varied route, or with specialist interests.

We have no facilities for storing bags or clothing.

Prices; Provisionally £7.50 per person (including v.a.t.) per tour.

Dates; Any tour dates will be announced here at least four weeks in advance.

Contact; email mail@edinburgh-tours.com